10 Common Food Safety Mistakes [ Infographic]

While we all like to eat tasty and nutritious food, we often end up making mistakes when it comes to adhering to some time-tested and proven safety standards. Hence, it would be not a bad idea to refresh the same over the next few lines so that it could help those who could be unknowingly committing such mistakes.

Common Food Safety Mistakes

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  • Tasting Food To Find If It Is Good

It would not be advisable to taste food and find out whether it is good or spoiled. Though it might taste good you may not be able to find or see some dangerous bacteria. Even tasting small quantities of such food could lead to many healthy problems.

  • Using Raw Meat Plates To Serve Cooked Foods

Quite often we make the mistake of serving cooked and ready to eat foods items on a plate which perhaps had raw meat in it. They could be the source of food borne pathogens and could lead to food poisoning when it gets mixed with ready to eat foods.

  • Thawing Food On The Counter

It is not at all desirable to thaw food on the counter. When food are in the region of 40 to 140 degree F, it could lead to accumulation of harmful food borne pathogens. It would be better to thaw foods in the refrigerator, microwave or in cold water.

  • Poultry And Meat Washing

It is totally against good health habits to wash raw poultry or raw meat. This is because the water is a big source of harmful bacteria and it can move rapidly in your sink, countertops and various other surfaces of the kitchen. Only raw vegetable and fruits should be washed this way.

  • Allowing Food To Cool And Then Putting In The Fridge

Food should not be left out of the refrigerator for more than two hours and it should not kept outside for more than one hour if the temperature is over 90 degree F. Bacteria which could lead to diseases could multiply rapidly if food is left in the zone of 40 to 140 degree F.

  • Eating Cookie Dough Raw

It should be a bad idea to eat raw eggs and raw dough because it could be the source of many harmful bacteria including Salmonella.

  • Seafood Marinating On The Counter

You would always be better advised never to marinate poultry, meat or seafood on the counter. When you do so, you are surely helping harmful germs to multiply rapidly on the counter.

  • Undercooked Meat, Eggs And Sea Foods

Eggs, meat, poultry and sea foods are safest when they are cooked at certain high degree of temperature to kill harmful bacteria. You should never undercook these foods.

  • Failing To Wash Hands

Not washing hands before cooking or eating should be avoided at all times. Your hands are to be washed for 20 seconds with a good quality soap to prevent presence of bacteria.

  • Not Replacing Dish Rags And Sponges

Dish rags and sponges are dangerous sources of bacterial growth. In spite of thorough washing, rinsing and drying, they should not be used beyond a few weeks. Failure to replace could have serious health consequences.

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