4 Reasons to use cold therapy machines in post recovery periods

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Today the recovery period of the patients has reduced. They get discharged early. Many factors contribute to this advancement like minimal blood loss with robotic surgeries, better pain management, and improved rehabilitation methods. One such advancement is the cold and compression therapy that is used in the cold therapy machine.

            A cold therapy machine supplies compression and therapeutic cold to the injured parts. This helps to recover faster. The machine works to circulate cold water.

Working of the machine

            The cold therapy machine mimics the natural pumping action of the body. A pack of ice is placed inside the machine is turned on. The machine circulates water that gains its temperature from the ice to the healing spot. It actively pumps air to maintain the therapeutic temperature set.

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Here are 4 main reasons to use cold therapy machine.

It helps in pain reduction, swelling control, faster healing and hands free treatment

Pain reduction

The cold therapy machine reduces the pain and avoids the need of pain killers. As the pain can be intolerable in case of hip replacements, one has to take pain killers at least for a month. This might even affect kidney as not all pain killers are safe. Also, physiotherapy is highly painful for such treatments. The cold therapy treatment is a great saviour in such situations.


            The compression therapy of the cold therapy machine pumps away the excess fluid. After many major surgeries like kidney transplantation, liver transplantation, hip replacement surgeries, fluid gets collected at the surgery spot. It is because of the physiological reaction happening during the healing period. However, too much of such fluid collection might impede the healing process.

Usually compression bandages are used to arrest the fluid. This is highly painful. The cold compression therapy does the same work without pain and medications.

Faster healing

            The cold waves enter the deeper damaged tissues providing the apt temperature that slows down the cellular activity. This helps in fast recovery. It also increases the pumping of fresh oxygenated blood to the healing spot.

Hands free treatment

            One need not use hands as in case of ice packs. The cuffs are fixed to the healing part and the machine is turned ON to circulate the cold waves inside the body.

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How does cold therapy promote healing?

  1. The cold reduces the sensitivity of the nerve endings. This reduces the nerve activity of carrying the message of pain to the brain.
  2. It slows the cellular metabolism. This means that the cycle of cell death is slowed down. It happens because there are many damaged cells after a surgery and they have to regain their shape rather than dying. The therapy prevents them from dying therefore speeding the recovery.

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