A Buyer’s Guide for Inflatable hot tub

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The inflatable hot tub is a soft hot tub. It is made of PVC and is portable. The PVC needs to be inflated before use. This is best suited for people who desire to relax in their own spa, but do not want invest more. Its design is apt for a renter who cannot afford to break the brick or is too economical to invest on a standard tub.

There are many brands available at different rates. However not all the brands are the best? One has to study the product before buying it. Here is a guide on the basic things to learn before buying a good inflatable hot tub.


            There are 2, 4 and 6 person capacities available. Buy a bigger size if there is enough space and budget

Control Panel :

            There is a basic LED display with few buttons. This is used to control the temperature of the water in the tub. While buying the tub, check if the control panel is accessible from within the tub.

This seldom happens at some spas which would demand to walk over just to turn the heat ON.

Heaters :

            The maximum safe temperature in a hot tub is 40 degree Celsius. Check if the heater are certified by the CPSC – Consumer Product Safety Commission. They check if the heater is not too hot to lead to hot stroke or accidental drowning.

If the tub is to be placed in the garden, keep it covered with shrubs or screen to prevent evaporation and cooling of the water. This will reduce the time consumption of heating. An inflatable hot tub might take 12 to 24 hours to heat the water completely before its first use.

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Pumps :

            The pump is used to circulate water. It has a built in air blower to inflate the tub. The pump also powers the jets. The pumps and the blower are placed in the single container and are well insulated to prevent electrical shock as water is a very good conductor of electricity

Electrical Components :

            The tub has a 120 volt cord. Also, it has an in – built fault circuit interrupter. The fault circuit detects current leakage and cuts itself from the power to prevent shocks. It has an in – built breaker circuit to break the power.

Shape ::

            Almost all the inflatable hot tubs are round. However there are few square models available too.

Cover :

            Almost every inflatable hot tub comes with a cover. The cover may be leather made or a thermal blanket to reduce the loss of heat.

Jets :

            There are 100 to 200 air jets in the inflatable hot tubs. Standard spas however shoot strong streams of water out along with the air jets.

Ground cloth :

            Every hot tub should come with a sheet to lay on the surface where the spa is set. This adds protection to the tub from debris and environmental temperature.

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Video Link to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FutHHb8aNRE


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