A guide to buy the best camping cookware

camping cookware

When one decides to camp for the first time, he definitely has to reduce his luggage. The cookware is one of the luggage that occupy larger space. It also depends on the number of persons joining the camp. There are lot of things to consider before buying a camping cookware to make the baggage light weight and easy to carry. This helps to save energy for more fun!

Gone are those days where the hiker used to carry old aluminium sets that leave metallic taste to the food cooked. Here are the trendy and ease of use options for better food.

Here is a guide to buy the best suited camping cookware

Weight :

            Weight is the most important factor. The cookware should be light weight. By this the load carried is light. People on car camping need not consider this too much. But it matters if car camping involves more number of people.

            Lift the utensil in hand. See if it is of light weight with light weight handles. Some light weight utensil manufacturers fail to attach light weight handles to reduce the cost of production. Such cookware can sit on the stove only when it is loaded, else the handle weight pulls it down making it to fall. So check if the cookware balances the handle weight.

Durability :

            Many light weight cookware break easily or get crushed when they are stuffed inside the bag along with clothes, tents and other things. So make sure it is strong and will serve for more years. At times cookware even breaks when the angry trekking friend hits it hard!

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Versatility :

            Make sure that the cookware serves multiple needs. For instance it should be able to boil the soup and to fry a fish. If the bottom is little broader it can even be used as a chopping board. Go for such cookware that fulfil multiple needs

Cooking time :

            If the cookware is of good material to conduct heat quickly, the gas consumption can be greatly reduced. Various materials consume different time to bring the same water to boil. Therefore enquire at the store about the material type. One can always use the internet to decide on the material then and there.

Volume :

            Decide on the dishes to be cooked in the trip well before. Carry the cookware accordingly. The camping areas might have fish which requires frying and not boiling. Also, decide on the volume of the cookware based on the number of persons camping. For a solo hiker, a pot of 800ml is more than enough to make everything. It can be used to make tea, coffee, oatmeal or even dinner.

Selecting the cookware material :

  1. Plastic – plastics cannot be used for cooking. However, they are of great use when the number of persons camping is high. They are of great use to share things.
  2. Steel – Durable but are comparatively heavy
  3. Anodise fast – Cheap, cooks fast and light in weight
  4. Titanium – Very light in weight, extreme fast cooking, corrosion resistant

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