Are Non Stick Pans Safe To Use? – A Health Guide

Non stick pans are quite popular. It is used all around the world for cooking. They do not stick to food and therefore reduce the oil and butter needs. This makes the food healthy. However, there are controversies arising lately around non stick coatings like Teflon. Some even say that they cause cancer!

Here is a detailed explanation on using non – stick pans and their health effects. The article helps to decide if the non stick pans are safe to use.

The Basic definition:

Non – stick pans are the fry pans. They are coated with PTFE – Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene. PTFE is colloquially known as Teflon. The PTFE is made of carbon and fluorine atoms. Teflon is also used make cables, carpet protectors, water proof fabrics, etc

However the concerns arose if the PFOA molecules were contained in the Teflon. PFOA is Per Fluro Octanoic Acid. The PFOA made the Teflon coating poisonous.

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PFOA eliminated:

            PFOA has been linked to a number of health conditions like chronic kidney disorders, thyroid, liver disease, cancer, infertility, etc. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey in 2000 found that 98% of the people had PFOA in their blood.

In 2006, US Environmental protection agency ordered to eliminate PFOA from Teflon product. 2015 was the target year of the program to completely eliminate PFOA.

Whatever be the issue, one can use the non – stick pans safely by following certain cooking tips. These tips help to ease the cooking with non – stick pans and also have a healthy meal. They are as follows

  • Preheating – Never preheat the empty Teflon coated pans. This releases polymer fumes and ultimately get mixed with the food cooked. At least add some water before turning the stove ON.
  • High Heat – Never cook on high heat. Always use medium or low heat.
  • Ventilate the kitchen – Even if the pan is over heated by mistake, open the windows and aerate the area. The fumes that vaporise from the coating are poisonous and not the coating itself. So more fume that moves out of the kitchen more safe is the food.
  • Ladles – Use safe ladles like plastic, wooden or silicone. This is because the stainless steel ladles scratch the surface cooking the scratched coating to fumes.
  • Washing – Always wash the pans gently with sponges. Never use metal brushes or hard brushes that might scratch the surface. 

Advantages of using a non – stick pan:

  • Make healthier meals. As the oil and butter used in non stick pans are very minimal, it is well suited to prepare food for cardiac patients.
  • Easy to clean – As the food particles do not stick to the pan, the pan is very easy to wash.Related Categories: Best Scanpan Reviews Of 2018

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