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Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Choosing sanitary ware for a toilet needs to actually consider many parameters. It is not just the color, the shape or the texture – it has a lot to do with dimensions and functional specifications. Here is an unbiased review of three models of 10 inch rough in toilets listing out the important features and specifications. The rough in, the distance between the wall and the outlet pipe is an important factor to consider and will save you a lot of trouble in installation blues. With the best 10 inch rough in toilet you can overcome the shortcomings of limited space in bathrooms without compromising on functional use.

Here Are Three Of The Best 10 Inch Rough In Toilet Available

  • Toto Cst744sf Drake
  • Water Consumption : 1.6 GPF/6.0LPF
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : Cotton
  • Material : Vitreous china
  • Type : Two piece
  • Dimensions :28 x 14 x 17.2 inches
  • Weight : 48 pounds
  • Kohler K-3889-96 Highline
  • Water Consumption : 1.28 GPF
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : Biscuit
  • Material : Vitreous china
  • Type : Two piece
  • Dimensions : 40.9 x 35.4 x 23.2 inches
  • Weight : 93 pounds
  • American Standard 270ab001.020
  • Water Consumption : 1.6 GPF
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : White
  • Material : Vitreous china
  • Type : Two piece
  • Dimensions : 28.5 x 17 x 30.2 inches
  • Weight : 58.9 pounds

1. Toto Cst744sf Drake

This comes with quick and powerful flush that disposes of waste effectively. The siphoning action is efficient and relies on a design that makes it a winner. Installation also has been reported to be the most easy among all the toilets reviewed. The height of the toilet makes it easy for people to use comfortably, while the flushing system conserves water with a very efficient flush. If you are looking for a 10 inch rough in toilet, Toto brand is certainly a great choice, and this model is perhaps one of the very best in the market.

Toto Cst744sf Drake


  • G-Max low water consumption flushing system
  • Universal Height
  • Elongated front bowl
  • Two piece toilet
  • 10-Inch Rough-in
  • Comfortable height, suitable for the elderly and those who find it difficult to arise from a seated position
  • Powerful flushing mechanism removes and disposes off waste into the sewage lines faster than most toilets
  • With the complete installation kit it would be a lot more convenient for users, who would then find this product more appealing.

Number one

This certainly beats the others by performance and styling. It has one of the most fastest flushing mechanisms, looks great and comes at the ideal 10” rough in size sought by many individuals.

2. Kohler K-3889-96 Highline

As a Kohler 10 inch rough in toilet, this lives up to the reputation of the brand as one among the best in the industry. The class five toilet displays great efficiency in removing waste at high speed. Combined with the water conservation features and the height of the toilet seat it surely makes for a great product to have in a home. And the manufacturers have combined another factor – the elongated bowl design to make this a comfortable model to use.  A home with elderly people and individuals who have difficulty in rising up from a seated position will find the chair height of the toilet seat to be perfect. As a 10 inch rough in model, it packs in all that is required for a great toilet.  Additionally, the manufacture has made thoughtful improvisations, like the three bolt installation, which makes it easy and convenient to fix and install.

Kohler K-3889-96 HighlineSpecifications

  •  Comfort Height – seat height comparable to that of a standard chair
  • 10″ rough-in
  • Elongated Toilet bowl
  • Class Five(R) – high flushing performance
  • 3-bolt Installation – for quick installation
  • Saves considerable amount of water with each flush, making it a great model to have in the home.
  • Another high performer with bulk flushing efficiency. Combined with the comfortable elongated seat and perfect height, it adds to the convenience of users.
  • Apart from the price, there is very little to complain about this product. And this is not surprising, coming from a brand as reputed as Kohler.

Higher Performer At Number Two

It is a close second, but this is mainly because of the price. Nothing else actually separates this from the number one on the list. The efficiency of the flush, the water conservation, the design and the comfort all combine to make this a great product at number two.

3. American Standard 270ab001.020

This model is loaded with features. One of the biggest issues that people face with toilets is the maintenance part. It will be a bit squeamish and embarrassing for people to find that their toilets are not clean, despite doing their best for maintenance.  And spending too much of time trying to maintain a toilet is also not the most productive or appealing of tasks. This is where this model offers a lot of advantages in addition to being a 10 inch rough in model. The easy to clean vitreous china surface combines with the ever clean microbial resistant surface to present a toilet that will be clean without much effort. And to add to the features, the toilet comes in the perfect height and is ADA compliant. The elongated shape of the bowl makes for a comfortable posture while using the toilet. The flapper is chemically resistant and the 3 inch flush valve translates into an efficient flush that is as good as the other two models featured here on this list.

American Standard 270ab001.020Specifications

  • ADA compliant elongated toilet
  • Easy-to-clean vitreous china
  • Ever Clean surface
  • Oversized 3 inch flush valve
  • Chemical resistant flapper
  •  The easy to clean surface makes this one of the more maintenance friendly models
  • The elongated shape of the bowl combines with the microbial resistant ever clean surface to make this a comfortable and fully ADA compliant model.
  •  Installation could have been made a little more easy and convenient for users.

Strong Contender At Number Three

Despite being at number three in the list, this is certainly a good model with a strong reputation. All models that belong to this brand are high performers and this is no exception. Certainly a great product, and number three could be only a number here.

Choosing Tips Of Most Preferred 10 Inch Rough In Toilet

This list of three of the best 10 inch rough in toilets are compiled to assist readers to pick the top rated 10 inch rough in toilets by listing out the specifications and features in a clear, unambiguous and unbiased manner.  It may sometimes be difficult for a user to zero in on the best model, due to the availability of a large number of choices, and this listing of the standout features will help with factual inputs to make the right choice. Here is a good look at the main features of a 10 inch rough in toilet that need to be considered.  While the main consideration is obviously the distance of the rough in from the wall, which is what is offered by all models with 10 inch rough in, there are other considerations that need a good look.

  • Right Height For A Comfortable Posture

The ideal sitting height makes performing ablutions a lot more comfortable. This is even more important when it comes to elders and those who find it difficult to arise from a seated position with ease.  The ideal height called as the comfort height is typically anything that is 17” or more. This way it is possible for a person to sit with the legs in a relatively comfortable position. This may vary with the heights of individuals using the toilets.  A very tall person may require a toilet with a seating height of more than 17”. However, the average height is pegged at 17”. The parameter is straightforward, considering the height of a regular chair.  Here again, it needs to be known that if the uses are short in stature, then the height would differ. Therefore, choice should be as per the height of users.  Universal height toilets typically meet midway offering a reasonable level of comfort to users.

  • Water Consumption

The amount of water that is used for flushing needs to be an important consideration. A toilet will typically be used multiple times in a family or in any establishment, and if water can be saved every time a toilet is used, it will certainly add to water conservation efforts. There are two ways of bringing about water conservation in a toilet model. One is choosing a toilet that has a dual flush model, where lesser water is used for liquid flushes and regular amount of water is used for solid waste. This is an effective way of saving water, as the number of liquid flushes are generally more than the solid flush requirements. Therefore this will lead to considerable water savings. The other option is to choose a model that uses lesser water with every single flush. These are the water sense certified models that use lesser water than the typical 1.65 gallons of the older models.

  • Flushing Efficiency

The flushing efficiency of toilets are certainly one of the more important requirements. It could be squeamish if the flush is not powerful enough to remove the waste and dispose it effectively. Here it is necessary to balance the requirements between water consumption and flush efficiency. If the flush is not effective enough, but consumes lesser water, it is of little or no use. Because an ineffective flush means that the user would have to re-flush the waste, and that defeats the very purpose of water conservation. Therefore choose a model that has an effective flush mechanism. This way you will save a lot of water during use and also when it is time to clean and maintain the toilet. If you had to clean it very frequently, you may end up spending a lot of water just to keep it clean.

  • Bowl Shape 

There are many dimensions to the comfort aspect of a toilet. It is not just the height, it is also the shape of the bowl. A round shaped bowl is certainly not the most comfortable as it would require a posture that may cause a little discomfort to the aged. On the other hand, an elongated bowl is more comfortable. With an elongated bowl, users can sit hunched slightly forward in a position that is most comfortable for the spine. This will be less discomforting and more suitable for the aged. However, it needs to be remembered that each shape has its own advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to cleaning, a round shaped model is relatively easier to clean. An elongated model may not be very easy to clean because the shape of the bowl means that staining will be more pronounced than a round bowl, in a relative context. Here, the quality of the materials make the difference.

We Compiled This List Of  The Top Rated 10 Inch Rough In Toilets 

This list of three of the best 10 inch rough in toilets has been compiled with emphasis on facts, specifications and actual performance, in a wholly unbiased manner. We have actively considered the reviews of actual users, while filtering out the reviews of motivated users, both positive and negative to get a clear and accurate picture of the actual performance. Whenever we carry out a review, we look at one metric of evaluation. The claims made by the manufacturer versus the actual performance. This is basically what a user will miss out when he or she blindly goes about when choosing a product. This is where our reviews and ratings offer greater information for users to make an informed choice. We look at each specification and its actual use, following which a rating score is assigned. We then look at the actual performance, the pricing, the reputation, the warranty and all these metrics contributed to the compilation of this list of the most preferred 10 inch rough in toilet.


We take great care in compiling lists and this list of the most popular 10 inch rough in toilets has been put together similarly. The requirements of users will vary from person to person and readers are advised to make a final choice after carefully reading the specifications. Users need to make their choice based on individual requirements.

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