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Best Composting Toilet- Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Composting toilets are certainly one of the more useful innovations servicing users in remote locations, or outdoor facilities where toilets are not connected to a sewer or waste water treatment facility. Being unique or quite different from regular toilets, it is therefore important for users to choose one with great care. There is a need to induce a better carbon to nitrogen ratio to control odor, and destroy pathogens. We have profiled a list of the best models, which will help to choose the best composting toilet. The composting toilet reviews compiled here present the features and also offer assistance in the form of a buying guide.

Here Are Three Of The Best Composting Toilet Models Available


  • Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Model
  • Feature : 100% non-polluting
  • Color : White
  • Dimensions : 20 x 19.5 x 20.7 inches
  • Weight : 90 pounds
  • Nature’s Head Self Contained
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : White
  • Dimensions : 22 x 20.5 x 21.7 inches
  • Weight : 28 pounds
  • Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : Grey
  • Dimensions : 18 x 18 x 16 inches
  • Weight : 10 pounds

1.Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained Model

This Sun-Mar Compact self-contained model is touted to be one of the forerunners among other models because of its ability to convert fecal matter in fertilizing soil that can be used safely and harmlessly. Devoid of pathogens, the fertilizer soil is converted in a manner that is odorless, Made to offer a reasonable capacity, it is perfect for use by individuals who reside alone. This way it need only be emptied periodically. It can handle the waste generated by small groups of around four people who stay outdoors on a weekend.

Sun-Mar Compact Self-Contained ModelFeatures 

  • Venting Kit
  • Self Contained
  • Electric powered
  • ANSI Certified
  • With Emergency Drain
  • Low profile unit suits most bathrooms
  • Waterless model
  • Does not pollute environment
  • Bio-drum comes with recessed handle for handling compost
  • Works perfectly on household current

Right At The Top

The very fact that the waste can be used as fertilizer soil safely and that this process is performed without any odor makes this a great choice, justifying its number one position with ease.


2.Nature’s Head Self Contained

This toilet was inspired in design from marine toilets. One of the most versatile and user friendly toilets of this type in the market, this sports a great design, is very reliable and can be used anywhere. One of the most compact, self contained units, it is highly efficient and is the product of a design that has been considered from any conceivable requirement. The toilet can be used in locations that do not have electricity or plumbing. They can be used easily on vehicles, cabins and remote outdoor outposts. One of the most striking characteristic of this toilet is the fact that it handles the odor aspect very nicely, never letting odor to escape it or create a nose cringing expression. The build quality of the toilet is outstanding, and this makes it ideal for use anywhere. It comes with an air circulating fan that not only cleans the air within the toilet, but also in the bathroom where it is located. This air recycling facility makes it a very useful model.

Nature’s Head Self ContainedFeatures 

  • Stainless steel body
  • Elongated seat offering total comfort
  • Can be handled fast for emptying storage container
  • Vent hose
  • Fan for recycling air
  • Floor mounted
  • 12 Volts requirement
  • Light weight at 28 pounds
  • Vent flange
  • Agitator handle
  • Mounting brackets with knobs and screws
  • 6-foot single pin cable for 12 volt fan
  • Fan mounted during assembly

A Useful And Compact Option At Number Two

This is another of those dry models that does not require water and handles the operation smoothly and efficiently without as much as an odor. The seat design is typical like a water flushing model with an elongated design. The design ends up as a little bit tall for comfort. However, this is mainly because of the need to make it a self contained unit with storage containers. This problem can be overcome for people who are short, with the addition of a small stool to help increase height while seated.


3.Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet

This is one of the more popular models that has been widely acclaimed as among the very best in the market. It is a high profile model with a very contemporary design, superior build quality and enhanced functional features. It offers great convenience to the user.  It looks very close to the typical water flush models. It has a large bowl size, and comes in a perfect curve that makes this a model worth possessing. It is versatile and can be used literally anywhere. It will offer great convenience to users in RVs, or boats, or any kind of automobile that requires a portable toilet. It is the perfect choice for medical camps in remote locations.

This model is one of the most easiest to clean, apart from being very convenient to use. It comprises a fresh water tank with a capacity of  four gallons, while the waste water tank is the perfect five and a half gallons. A very large capacity tank would have made it difficult to cart around and empty, while a very small capacity tank would have necessitated frequent rounds to empty the contents. This five and a half gallons of wastewater tank capacity is one of the most ideal for using and emptying.  The design features incorporate spouts and easy to carry handles that makes it easy to separate the container and empty it.

What is most important in a self contained unit is the number of times the unit can be used without refilling the fresh water tank or emptying the waste water tank. The 4 gallon capacity means that the unit can be used for around 50 times on a full tank. This is definitely pretty useful and if the number of occupants are limited, it would certainly be very easy to use.

Porta Potti Curve Portable Toilet


  • Can be used with great versatility on RVs and boats, and all vehicles that require a portable toilet
  • Suitable for cabin and off grid living in remote areas for small groups
  • Contemporary design, looks the closest to typical water flush systems in homes
  • The right seat height and large bowl offer great convenience
  • The battery power flush makes this a well rounded self contained unit
  • One of the most easiest to maintain, it comes with toilet paper holder, and indicator of tank capacity
  • It is one of the very best when it comes to keeping odors from escaping.
  • Emptying the contents is simple and will never mess up the handlers or the area where it is being emptied.
  • Comes with the option of fitting the toilet to the floor of a vehicle, to ensure greater stability.

Versatile And Stylish At Number Three

This is not just one of the more stylish models, it is also one of the most versatile ones in the market. It can be fitted on to the surface, the storage tank can be emptied in the most professional and clean way, with thoughtful rotating handles/spouts.

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Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Most Preferred Composting Toilet 

This buying guide will help you to understand more about the composting toilet reviews and use the information provided to identify an appropriate top rated composting toilet.You need to understand the specific features and use the buying guide as a reference to figure out the best model that will meet specific requirements.

  • Material Used In The Body – This is an important consideration, because of two reasons. One is the manner in which the waste is treated is quite different from a regular toilet. Second is the location of the toilet, where the amount of exposure to harsh elements are heightened. For instance an outdoor facility is likely to cause fast rusting of metallic portions. Hence, it is important to choose a composting toilet that is made from material that will last long and not degrade fast.
  • Composting Method – There are different methods employed for composting. This is the tricky part, unlike choosing a regular toilet that uses water for flushing. The method that you choose will depend on the location of the toilet, and the duration of use. For instance, if the use is for a very long period of continuous use, then you will have to choose a toilet that is meant for full time use, upto five days at a stretch with multiple users accessing it. If, on the other hand, it is meant for periodic use, then you need to choose one that is intended for limited use. 
  • Mulch And Aeration – Some models that are used outdoors rely on mulch for mixing of the waste, so as to get the process hastened. This may require the mulch, and in some cases there may be a need for electricity for the aeration process. The aeration will ensure that the liquid content is removed quickly, resulting in better odor management.
  • Odor Management – The biggest challenge facing these models is the management of odor. Unlike a typical water flushed toilet, the composting toilet has the challenge of ensuring that odor does not cause discomfort. Choose a model that manages the odor effectively. A ventilation fan, an aerator, or a chamber are some of the methods used to control the odor.
  • Waste Management Duration/Cycle – The composted waste needs to be disposed after a particular duration. Choose one that offers a cycle that is reasonable. For instance, if it is going to be fortnightly, it will certainly be a problem, as routine will get affected. But at the same time, if the usage is heavy and the management is carried out annually, you will end up with very large volumes of waste. This will pose an even bigger problem. Therefore, choose something that is in between both.

A Peek Into How We Went About Compiling Composting Toilet Reviews

The composting toilet reviews that we have compiled follows the same procedure that we employ for all reviews.  We look at many features and in the case of these products, the rule is the same but the comparison metrics are different from that of conventional flushing toilets. The capacity of the storage, the levels of odor, the ease of use, and the method of emptying the storage are all very important features that we have considered very carefully. Because emptying a storage and disposing off the contents is definitely a chore and no one would certainly find the task to be very pleasing. While technology has advanced to a level where the compost can be actually mixed with soil, the process of emptying the storage will definitely be cumbersome.

Plus additional aspects that we looked for were the indicators of storage capacity and status. The overall rating that contributed to the composting toilet reviews came through after an exhaustive assessment of the product. While the list is pretty small, it can be a huge relief, because a reader will not have to look among many different models. Just take a look at these three models and check out the specs and buying guide and you are done.  The three best composting toilet models that feature on this list can easily be considered as the best among all the models, in terms of performance, popularity and ease of use.

How Composting Toilet Work


The need to have a toilet in a remote location is certainly more important than urban locations because of the limited availability of options. And in farm locations, it is necessary to ensure that wastewater or waste from toilets do not contaminate water bodies or the soil before they are treated. The use of a toilet that is self contained and one that is not connected to any kind of sewer or waste water treatment facility demands superior quality and smooth operating efficiency. After all, you really would not want to find yourself with a toilet that does not work the way it should have, when you are in a remote location.  This list of three of the Best composting toilet, lists out all the important features. Understand the features, and check with your requirements and location before you make your choice.

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