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Best Sterling Toilet – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Among the more renown and reputed brands for toilets in the market are Sterling by Kohler. It existed as a separate brand and was famous for functional aspects, designs, styles and an impressive range of features. Its success prompted Kohler to acquire the brand and it is now known as Kohler Sterling Toilet. It still comes with its own set of features, which have been improved upon by the amalgamation of the two brands. Here is a list of three of the top picks including the much sought after Sterling Windham Toilet. Reviews of the three models featured on the list are exhaustive and will help a user to choose the right model to meet specific requirements.

Here Are Three Sterling Toilet Reviews 

  • Sterling 402375-0 Stinson
  • Water Consumption : 1.6 GPF
  • Color : White
  • Weight : 125 pounds
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Dimensions : 29 x 17.4 x 29.9 inches
  • Sterling 402025-0 Karsten
  • Water Consumption : 1.6 GPF
  • Color : White
  • Weight : 78 pounds
  • Shape : Round
  • Dimensions : 29.8 x 15 x 29.2 inches
  • Sterling 402078-0 Windham
  • Water Consumption : 1.28 GPF
  • Color : White
  • Weight : 86 pounds
  • Shape : Round
  • Dimensions : 29.2 x 16.9 x 28.6 inches

1. Sterling 402375-0 Stinson

One of the high quality vitreous china models, this comes with an efficient flushing system. With a low water requirement, this is certainly a good one to have at home. It uses only 1.67 gallons of water for every flush.  The 12” rough in means that the waste gets removed smoothly without any problems. This combines with the powerful flush and he water saving feature to ensure that re-flushing is not required. The bowl shape offers greater comfort to users who, while installation is free from hassles with the simple three bolt installation system making it ready to install real quick.  The elongated shape of the bowl makes it the perfect shape for elders who would find it difficult to adopt an uncomfortable posture when seated on a very broad shaped bowl. 

Sterling 402375-0 StinsonSpecifications

  •  Grade A vitreous china – durable, non-porous with hard and glossy finish
  • Utilizes 1.6 gallons of water for every flush, thereby meeting water conservation standards
  • Comfortable elongated bowl makes it ideal for use by elders
  • Hassle free three-bolt installation system
  • Powerful flush
  •  The hard and glossy finish of the toilet, makes it easy to clean and lives up to its reputation as a Kohler Sterling model.
  • The comfortable shape of the bowl in combination with the powerful flush makes this a great product to have in the restroom. And it comes with the legendary esthetics of the Sterling line.
  • A dual flush would have been a better option here, which would have made it a well rounded offering.

Right on top

The combination of the features, the function, the actual performance, the stunning looks of the model, combined with the reputation of this brand rightly gives it a place on the top of the list of three select models from the Sterling stable.

2. Sterling 402025-0 Karsten

This model has attempted to correct the features that were missing in other models – that is the water conservation aspect. The dual flush option saves a considerable amount of water when the .8 gallon flush is chosen for liquid waste removal. Kohler through the Sterling line has very thoughtfully incorporated powerful flushes which make the water saving models very effective.  The vitreous china used on the surface lends it a hardness and glossy look. This makes it very easy to clean. Additionally the round shape of the bowl combines with the hard surface to make it highly resistant to stains. This ensures that maintenance is a lot easier, without the need for frequent cleaning which also requires considerable amount of water.  And the comfort level has been elevated with a dual button actuator for flushing.

 Sterling 402025-0 KarstenSpecifications

  • Dual flush option – .8 gallon flush for liquid and 1.6 gallon flush for bulk waste
  • Helps in saving water to the extent of 24,000 gallons of water every year
  • Easy to use dual button actuator renders swift flushing
  • Grade A vitreous china – durable, non-porous with a hard and glossy finish
  • Round shaped front bowl is easy to maintain
  • With a 12” inch rough in, you may expect his to be ungainly in size. However, on the contrary, the design is compact and the looks are pleasing.
  • Super water saver, it consumes lesser quantity of water, saving considerable volume of water, while making use of the powerful flushing mechanism to jettison waste effectively.
  • Possibly the only aspect that could do with a little changer here is the shape of the bowl. The round could have made way for an elongated shape, which would have increased the comfort levels while using.

A Near Perfect One At Number Two

This is as close to perfect as possible. Many features work in its favor; such as the water conservation, flushing mechanism, space saving round shape bowl design and dual button actuator for flushing.

3. Sterling 402078-0 Windham

This is perhaps the model with the most powerful siphonic flush among the three. The powerful flush means that waste is disposed efficiently and quickly with a single flush. The size of the bowl also makes it easier to maintain, because the amount of water that is held in the bowl ensures that staining is prevented. The combination of bowl size and the hard surface of the vitreous china make this a stain resistant and easy to maintain model.  Installation if toilets are not very easy with complicated fixtures. However, this is one of those models, where installation is a breeze. A three bolt installation system and a superior design keeps the outside bottom of the toilet clean and dry.

Sterling 402078-0 WindhamSpecifications

  • Grade A vitreous china – durable, non-porous with a hard and glossy finish
  • Powerful siphonic flush offers optimized bulk waste removal with a single flush
  • The 9″ x 8″ size of bowl ensure large area for water keeping the bowl clean
  • Round shaped front bowl ensures that maintenance is relatively easier
  • Hassle free three-bolt installation system
  •  With one of the most powerful flushing system, this is an efficient model that does not require repeated flushing.
  • One of the most easy to maintain, it takes full advantage of the round shape of the bowl, the depth of water in the bowl, the hard surface of the vitreous china and the flushing mechanism to keep the surface cleaner.
  •  A dual flushing option would have made this a perfect product that would have found more takers.

Powerful Model At Number Three

One of the most powerful models with amazing functions and comfort levels, this is perfectly listed here, though number three in this case could only be a number, because it does fare with the top ranked ones on an equal footing.

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Choosing Tips Of Most Preferred Sterling Toilet                                          

This compilation of sterling toilet  have been compiled in a manner to assist readers pick the most suitable model from the sterling wind ham toilet reviews.  Users are typically spoilt for choice with a profusion of models making it difficult to pick the most suitable one. Our listing of these models includes the standard and standout features that are designed to help users make a quick choice on the basis of factual inputs, rather than hyperbole claims. Before you make a choice of a toilet, take a look at our sterling toilet reviews, understand the advantages and disadvantages of each model and choose the most suitable one.  Here is a little fact check that you can use to pick the ideal toilet for your requirements.

This need to be a main consideration when you look for a toilet. Despite the fact that you may not spend a lot of time in a toilet, elders and those with difficulties in sitting and arising from a seated position may find the need for a toilet of the right height. A model that is 17” or more compares with the height of a regular chair. This is considered as the right height. But, this will differ from person to person as users may be shorter, or quite tall, which then means that 17” may not be suitable for all. However, it is the middle ground, the average comfort height or universal height, and it is typically chosen, because users on either side of the tall or short divide may find it easier to use something that is closer to their height and posture requirements.  If your family consists of individuals all of whom are very tall, then you can opt for a highline model. The same goes for a family where most if not all are very short. The option can be a toilet that is very short.

  • Bowl Shape

This is a requirement of comfort. If your priority is comfort, then you need to look at bowl shapes, because the stance or posture while using a toilet determines the comfort level. Here, a round model will be relatively less comfortable than an elongated model. Here, it is important to note that a round shaped model can be cleaned easily, which is not the same case for a model with an elongated bowl.  If you have to clean the toilet repeatedly, you may not find to be easy to maintain. Choose a model that has a very efficient flushing system with high quality ceramics. Another important aspect is the depth of the bowl. A very shallow bowl with less water will stain easily. Therefore choose one that is not too shallow, and one that comes with a fast and efficient flush.

  • Water Conservation

 A water sense model is definitely a great choice here, because water is shortage is a looming problem globally.  Every user needs to be more responsible towards usage of water and conservation efforts. This can start with the loo, and users should ideally look for a model that takes up far less water to flush. This can be either a dual flush model or a model that uses lesser water for each and every flush. A dual flush model means that lesser water will be used for liquid flushes which account for more usage in a toilet than a solid waste flush. This will help save a large amount of water when calculated on an annual basis. Similarly, a model that uses lesser water for all kinds of flushing, will also be a good option, when it comes to water conservation.

However, users need to be aware of one requirement. The flushing needs to be effective. By opting for a flush that uses lesser water, if the flushing is not effective, it may end up with the exact opposite result. There may be a need to repeatedly flush and this will end using more water than a regular flush. Therefore a water saving model needs to have an effective flush to work in tandem with the less water usage requirement for the results to be of practical use.

A Peek Into How We Went About Compiling The Sterling Windham Toilet Reviews

For us, the emphasis in every review is not only on the comfort aspect, but the functional aspects, the esthetics and performance reviews of actual users. Like all reviews our Sterling Windham toilet reviews takes into active consideration main features like the flush, the maintenance aspect, shape of the bowl, water conserving features in the flushing mechanism and ratings are a sum of scoring metrics. Every parameter receives a scoring metric which contributes to the sterling toilet reviews.  Here, it is necessary to be informed that models listed out are acknowledged leaders in respective market segments. Therefore, the reviews are an actual reflection of the quality aspects and the acceptance of the models among actual users.


We take a lot of care in compiling reviews, and the sterling windham toilet reviews is no different. However, user requirements will vary, and the best way to use this review is to understand the specs and the features and determine the most suitable one. Applying the ratings blindly without matching requirements and specifications will not fetch the best results. The review is positioned as a guide to inform users about the products.

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