Best Toilet Seats – Reviews, Ratings & Buying Guide

Finding the best toilet seat may not look like a difficult task, but it can be quite confusing to compare different types of seats and then select one as per your unique requirements. A toilet seat will be used multiple times a day, which is why it is essential to select a seat that is comfortable and durable enough to withstand the abuse.  While it certainly makes sense to put your money on a toilet seat that is comfortable and durable, you should also ensure that it is easy to remove and install. And of course, in your quest for the top toilet seat, you cannot ignore its looks because it is going to shape the overall look of your bathroom and accent the rest of the space.

Five Best Toilet Seats To Make Your Bathroom Functional

There are different types of bathroom seats, but to avoid going through any hassle, you can select one from the following list, as not only are they comfortable and durable, they are also stylish enough to enhance the ergonomics of your bathroom experience. We have also considered specific features different seats offer to compile this list. You will get great performance no matter which seat you pick from the following list: 

  • Kohler K-4639-0–The Heavy Duty Toilet Seat
  • Shape : Round
  • Color : White
  • Material : Plastic Toilet Seats
  • Dimensions : 14.2 x 2.5 x 16.1 inches
  • Weight : 4 pounds
  • Ellegantz Geniebidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : White
  • Material : Plastic Toilet Seats
  • Dimensions : 21 x 18 x 3 inches
  • Weight : 5.5 pounds
  • Mayfair 13ec 000
  • Shape : Round
  • Color : White
  • Material : Wood Toilet Seats
  • Dimensions : 17.2 x 15 x 3.4 inches
  • Weight : 4.4 pounds
  • Brondell L60–EW Lumawarm
  • Shape : Enlonged
  • Color : White
  • Material : Plastic
  • Dimensions : 20 x 14 x 3 inches
  • Weight : 4.6 pounds
  • Mayfair 148E2 000
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : White
  • Material : Wood
  • Dimensions : 18.7 x 14.1 x 2.1 inches
  • Weight : 7.9 pounds

1.Kohler K-4639-0 – The Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

Kohler K-4639-0

  • It has grip-tight bumpers to enhance stability.
  • It is simple to install with quick-attach hardware.
  • It is easy to clean because of the Quick-Release hinges.
  • Snug fitting
  • Easy to clean
  • No issue of slamming the lid
  • Bolts may get loose


Kohler K-4636-0 is arguably one of the most popular toilet seats currently available in the market, and you can put your money on it if you are looking for the best elongated toilet seat. It comes with a quiet-close lid that ensures a quiet working with no noise produced while closing the lid. The presence of grip-tight bumpers prevents shifting and adds stability to it. You won’t find any problem cleaning the seat, as you can unlatch it for quick removal and convenient cleaning. No special tools are required to clean. Installation is also a breeze, thanks to the availability of quick-attach hardware. It comes with color-matched hinges to ensure that it does not affect the look of your bathroom.

2.Ellegantz Geniebidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat


Ellegantz Geniebidet Elongated Toilet Bidet Seat

  • It is equally suitable for children, adults, and seniors.
  • It comes with dual retractable cleaning nozzles.
  • It has a slow closing lid to prevent slamming.
  • It comes with essential installation hardware.
  • It comes equipped with ambient water temperature spray.
  • No electrical wiring needed
  • Quite affordable
  • Easy to clean
  • May not be suitable for all toilets


With many positive toilet seat reviews, Ellegantz GenieBidet is, without doubt, one of the best elongated seats you will find in the market today. It is suitable for adults as well as children and seniors. It comes with nice features like feminine cleaning and rear cleaning, and the presence of retractable self-cleaning nozzles makes it even easier keep it clean.  With installation hardware included in the package, it is simple to install the seat on your own. It does not require any wiring, so installation will be a breeze. All you have to do is use a Philips head screwdriver to install the seat, and you will love the way it snaps on and off in no time. The ease of cleaning the seat is one major reason why it is one popular elongated toilet seat.

3.Mayfair 13ec 000– The Most Comfortable Toilet Seat! 

Mayfair 13ec 000

  • It is available in several stylish designs.
  • It comes with easy clean and change hinge for quick replacement.
  • It has a cushioned vinyl seat for added comfort.
  • It is manufactured in the USA to meet the highest quality standards.
  • It fits perfectly on most round bowls.
  • Quite sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Slow dropping lid
  • No soft padding available for kids


Your quest for the best soft toilet seat will come to an end after looking at Mayfair 13EC000.  This cushioned vinyl seat is made using a molded wood core that makes it highly durable yet comfortable. You can fit it on round toilets with utmost ease and remove it in seconds for easy cleaning and maintenance. It is available in different colors and designs to help you select something that complements the existing décor in your bathroom.

4.Brondell L60EW Lumawarm Toilet Seat – The Best Heated Toilet Seat! 


  • It is an adjustable heated seat with different temperature settings.
  • It has a quiet seat and lid.
  • It fits perfectly on most fixtures.
  • It comes with an LED nightlight.
  • It uses standard GFCI outlet for power.
  • Amazing finish
  • Warms up quickly
  • Slow-closing feature
  • Short power cord


It has to be on the list of top toilet seats, as it is an adjustable heated seat equipped with three different temperature settings. As you can easily change the temperature, the seat stays comfortable all year round. The addition of an illuminating LED night bulb makes it even more convenient to use. Its slow closing lid ensures quiet operation and top mount hardware allows for easy installation. This ergonomic seat offers simple yet intuitive controls and fits standard bathroom fixtures to perfection. For light, warmth, and amazing performance, look no further than this masterpiece from Brondell.

5. Mayfair 148E2 000 – The Best Elongated Toilet Seat! 

Mayfair 148E2 000

  • It comes with Easy Clean and Change
  • It is equipped with STA-TIITE Seat Fastening System.
  • It is made using durable molded wood.
  • It relies on a Whisper-Close technology.
  • It suits most standard elongated bowls.
  • Perfect for guest bathroom
  • Easy to install
  • Branded seat fastening system
  • Takes some time to remove the seat


Made using environmentally friendly materials, it has a high-gloss finish that works great for most interior settings. It uses molded wood for durability, whereas the finish prevents scratching and chipping. Once installed, you do not have to worry about it becoming loose because it comes equipped with the STA-TITE seat fastening system.  By using the Easy Clean & Change hinge, you can remove the seat within seconds, which allows for convenient cleaning. The lid closes with a tap, which eliminates the risk of pinched fingers and slamming. It is made using environmentally friendly processes, which is another reason it is a popular among environmentally conscious individuals.

The Best Toilet Seat – Opting For The Heated And Padded Seats

Whether you are looking for a heavy duty toilet seat or you are interested in buying the best soft toilet seat, you will always have to compare several options. Different brands are now offering all types of toilet seats, but your unique requirements will help determine what works best for you. In most cases, you will not go wrong with a padded or a heated toilet seat. Both options offer some amazing benefits. For instance:

What Makes Padded Seat The Top Rated Toilet Seat? 

  • It offers added comfort because it comes with a soft, cushioned seating area. Because of the pleasantly soft seating area, it works great for the elderly as well.
  • It is a suitable choice for disabled people. They are available in different designs, such as seats with better support, seat with armrests, and elevated seats, which is why they work great for people with disabilities.
  • It is quite easy to set them up. You do not require any special skills or tools to have them installed. In fact, they are installed quite like your standard toilet seat.
  • It offers added comfort and is, therefore, a great choice when you need a seat to toilet train your young child. Since your child will not feel uncomfortable sitting on the seat, they are more likely to respond positively to training. Many of these seats are available in vibrant colors, making it a child-friendly option for you to consider.
  • It is easy to clean padded seats. All you have to do is remove the cushion, which takes seconds, and clean the seat the way you want.

Padded toilet seat

What Makes The Heated Toilet Seat The Most Suitable Toilet Seat For You? 

  • It provides warmth, which is the reason why it is one of the finest toilet seats for people living in cold areas. In winter, it is much more inviting as compared to your standard toilet seat.
  • It offers temperature control. It is due to this particular feature that a heated seat is suitable for all weather conditions. You can lower the temperature to make it usable in hotter months and change it again to feel comfortable when it is cold outside.
  • It feels very relaxing. Sitting on it will help relieve muscle aches and discomfort, which is an added benefit of having them installed in your home.
  • It does not have a high voltage requirement, which means that the time you enjoy sitting on it will not cost you much in terms of money. Interestingly, you do not have to increase your electricity bill because some heated toilet seats let you use hot water instead of electricity.

Heated Toilet Seat

In our list of top rated toilet seats, you will find both heated and padded seats, and if you want to enjoy the benefits associated with them, feel free to opt for the one that suits you most.

Questions To Answer Before Buying The Top Toilet Seat 

If you are not quite sure about what types of seats are available today or how to select the most comfortable toilet seat, you should simply consider your unique requirements first and then finalize your decision. Here are a few questions to ask to help you shortlist the top quality toilet seats.

  • Where will you be installing it? It is important to answer this question because you require a different one for a master bathroom and may have to select a different seat for kids’ bathroom. For the master bathroom, you will be better off putting your money on a seat with features like air freshener or nightlight. It means that you can opt for Brondell L60-EW LumaWarm seat because it comes with LED light and is quite comfortable because of temperature control. A padded seat may work great for kids’ bathroom, and that is when you can opt for Mayfair 13EC 000 without hesitation.
  • How much time can you spend cleaning and maintaining it? In case you do not want to spend a lot of time cleaning it, you should be opting for a model that can be removed with utmost ease. You can always buy cleansing seats with bidet functionality. Similarly, cushioned or padded one like Mayfair 13EC 000 will work great because you can remove the padding in seconds.
  • Do you need all the assistance you can get for potty training? Whether you have kids or you are planning to have in near future, it is a good idea to invest in child-friendly seat. You may have to choose unique seats that are suitable for both adults and toddlers or you can also opt for a cushioned seat because your child will feel comfortable sitting on it.
  • What is the shape of your existing bathroom? You have to select a seat while making sure that it matches perfectly the shape of your toilet. Be sure to take a right measurement before shopping for the seat – you should be measuring from the front of the seat to the hinge bolt. Here, you will have to choose two main types – elongated and round-front toilet seats. Most elongated ones measure 1858” and are suitable for most residential toilets – they are comfortable and offer additional space as well. You may also find compact elongated seats that are smaller and saves about 10% more space as compared to an elongated bowl. For limited bathroom space, you will be better off going for round-front toilet seats.
  • What features do you want in it? A good toilet seat is the one that offers a variety of features to meet your specific needs. For instance, you will find soft close toilet seats that use anti-slam technology – Mayfair 148E2 000 is a good example. Similarly, you will find quick removal, quick install, and secure toilet seats that do not slide or slip. You can also find lighted, deodorizing, and cleansing toilet seats these days. Consider these features before finalizing your choice.


The toilet seat can make or break your bathroom. Not only does it make your bathroom more functional, it also adds to its look and design. Be sure to consider your unique interior setting in the bathroom and your special circumstances before making a purchase. Seats you choose should fit your existing toilet and be of high quality as well. Do not forget to check the features like heated seats, lighted seats, cleansing seats, deodorizing seats. Ensure the seats you select are easy to install and convenient to clean or else you will find yourself in serious trouble. Just pay attention to these points and you will be able to select the right toilet seat for your bathroom.

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