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Best Upflush Toilet – Reviews & Buying Guide

Choosing the right model of toilets may not be very difficult given the extensive choice available in the market. Installation of a toilet in a basement or in older homes is different from usual installations. There is a need to link the toilet to a sewage system that is elevated, and this calls for choosing the best upflush toilet. Also known as macerating toilets, the discharge is forced upward through pipes to eventually join the sewage system.  Advanced designs ensure that the whole system is fashionable and elegant, without creating an odd appearance. Our macerating toilet reviews bring out the standout features, assisting readers to pick the most suitable model.

Here Are Three Of The Best Upflush Toilets Available

  • Saniflo Sanibest
  • Water Consumption : 1.6 GPF
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : White
  • Special Features : Easy to Install, Adjustable
  • Weight : 106 pounds
  • Liberty Pumps Ascentii
  • Water Consumption : 1.28 GPF
  • Shape :Elongated
  • Color : Biscuit
  • Special Feature : WaterSense
  • Weight : 121 pounds
  • Saniflo Saniplus
  • Water Consumption :1.6 GPF
  • Shape : Elongated
  • Color : White
  • Special Features : Easy to Install, Quiet, Adjustable
  • Weight : 99.7 pounds

1. Saniflo Sanibest

This is one of those ideal basement toilet systems where the need is to flush the discharge upwards. The steel blades and the sealed motor work in perfect tandem with the impeller to drive the discharge smoothly away to the sewage line or to a septic tank. It supports operations upto 18 feet in depth, which is a huge plus, covering most of the basement requirements. It has been cleverly designed to keep the rotable parts to the minimum. This way the replacement frequency will be kept low. The spindle that is used to drive the macerator motor, also drives the impeller, which keeps the size and shape optimized for a more elegant combined appearance of the toilet system. The high speed macerator blades working at 3600 rpm deliver efficient movement of the discharge towards the sewage line or septic tank.

Saniflo SanibestSpecifications 

  • SaniPLUS macerating bathroom pump
  • Elongated bowl and Extension pipe
  • Stainless Steel macerator blades
  • Sealed motor
  • Single spindle for impeller and macerator
  • One among the  upflush toilet systems, it has a powerful macerator motor
  • It efficiently carries the discharge over long distances, with a powerful impeller
  • The design incorporates a single spindle for the macerator and impeller, keeping the size compact and sleek
  • It is considered to be a bit on the louder side. A slightly lower noise level will certainly improve user experience. Additionally, users need to understand that declassification needs to be carried out periodically.

Leader Of The Trio 

This certainly deserves to be where it is. The design, the efficiency, the power, the sealed motor, the single spindle and the distance over which the discharge is carried makes this a perfect one to install in basements that are at a depth of 18 feet.

2. Liberty Pumps Ascentii

This is a close second to the leader in this list, with features that are outstanding. In upflush toilets, the most important operation or process is obviously the maceration, and this model comes with powerful razor cut technology which means that the waste disposal will actually be a lot more efficient. The movement of the slurry through the pipes will be smoother and faster when it is macerated powerfully. Additionally, a thoughtful design aspect is the service panel. It is removable, which means that any repairs or maintenance can be performed without actually disconnecting the plumbing. This saves a lot of time, effort and costs. The consumption of water is also optimized at 1.28 gallons per flush, which means that the impelling motion does not place any additional demand for water. This is a great feature, in terms of water conservation and is rightly WaterSense certified.

Liberty Pumps AscentiiSpecifications

  • RazorCut technology – improves waste maceration
  • Removable service panel offers access for servicing without disconnecting the plumbing
  • Floor mounted
  • 1.28 GPF consumption of water
  • WaterSense certified
  • Strong macerator means that the discharge or solid waste is disposed more effectively and cut through to make it more easy for the impeller to carry it to the designated disposal area or line.
  • Saves water with 1.28 gallons flush. Jettisoning waste through an upflush may sometimes create the impression that more water is required for the process. This model dispenses with the need for more water by relying on a powerful motor.
  • Control unit malfunctioning needs to be looked into by the manufacturer. While it is being replaced, a better and more cost effective option would be servicing of the same, which would improve user experience.

Nice Product At Number Two 

The features that this model sports makes this a choice at number two. The main consideration for an upflush toilet is the efficiency with which the effluent is disposed, and this offers a strong motor and operation for the clean disposal.

3. Saniflo Saniplus

From the stable of Saniflo, this is quite similar to the number one model in this list, with the difference being in the depth support. That is, it supports toilets that are situated 15 feet below the sewer line. This is the primary difference. Other than that all other features are same, including the micro switch that is actuated the moment water is flushed. This is a technologically advanced feature, where the flushing action automatically starts the macerator and the impeller for further disposal of the waste. Ratcheting up a strong centrifugal force, the solid is quickly transported to the desired place for disposal. The effective range is 12 feet, and the horizontal distance is 150 feet. This more or less meets the requirements of home owners, as the typical depth of basements or structures are around 12 feet.

Saniflo SaniplusFeatures

  • Installation without redoing the floor
  • SaniPLUS macerating bathroom pump
  • Elongated bowl and Extension pipe
  • 15 feet below sewer line
  • Micro switch actuates the motor automatically
  • 2 year warranty is a good option, considering that the toilet has many movable parts, and advanced technology including micro switches for actuating the motors.
  • Smooth and efficient operation, does not require the additional flicking of switches to start the motor or impeller, which makes it a lot more convenient to use. Because switching on may not be a problem, but switching off will certainly require the user to wait for some time.
  •  The bowl depth and the water level combine to offer a shallow level of water, which makes cleaning a bit annoying.

Number Three Could Be Just A Number Here

This is certainly a good product and number three is definitely just a number here. The pricing may have worked against it, but it functions smoothly and delivers results.


Buying Guide To Help You Choose The Most Preferred Upflush Toilet

Compilation of upflush toilet reviews have been completed in a manner to assist readers in picking the top rated upflush toilets, by presenting the important features clearly. The multiple choices may make it difficult for a user to home in on the ideal model. Our macerating toilet reviews will help in identifying the standard and standout features, and this has consistently helped readers to make an informed decision based on factual inputs. Here is a look at the features to help you pick the best upflush toilet.

  • Maximum Depth Of Operations Below Sewer Line

This is the primary reason for you to choose this toilet. You may have a basement or an old home with the sewer lines at an elevated level. To get the toilet to function smoothly, you will require the discharge to be flushed upwards, smoothly and efficiently. Therefore you need to look at an upflush toilet that supports maximum depth. For instance one level below the ground level would typically mean that you should look at something upwards of 15 feet. To be on the safer side, ti would be advisable to look for a system that supports up-to 18 feet depth. This way, you will get the benefit of not just the depth, but will cater to the added distance factor.

  • Distance Supported

This is another dimension of the depth aspect. The distance that is supported by the toilet system is of great importance here. For instance your toilet may be at a depth of 14 or 15 feet, but the distance from point above,that is at the ground level, to the soil stack may be more. The discharge needs to not just go up, it also needs to smooth travel across a distance before it joins the sewage line. Therefore, choose a toilet system that supports sufficient distance.  If you end up with a system that does not take the waste over the distance, you will find yourself in a deep mess, with a clogged line that will add to the inefficiency of the macerator and electric pump.

  • Fully Sealed Motor

The motor needs to be fully sealed in oil, because of the simple reason that repairing it or maintaining it frequently will definitely be a difficult or annoying process. It needs to function smoothly and effortlessly, and should ideally have lesser number of moving parts. This will ensure that replacement will not be too frequent. Every single movable part or component has a life and at some point of time it will require to be replaced. However the frequency of replacement is what needs to be cut down to offer a better experience.

  • Steel Macerator Blades

Ensure that the macerator blades are of stainless steel. This will give a longer life to the blades and also ensure that there will be non interrupted usage. Due to the nature of the discharge that the blades will have to handle, it is necessary that the blades are super efficient and robust to last long.  This needs to work in tandem with the impeller for efficient movement of the waste to the sewage line or tank for further disposal.

A Peek Into How We Went About Compiling Upflush Toilet Reviews

Like all our reviews, macerating toilet reviews are compiled with an emphasis on the factual representation of specifications and performance of each model. User reviews are actively considered, while care is always taken to sift out motivated reviews. At times, on online media, motivated users reviews are used extensively to help a brand or to drag a brand down with adverse comments. It is possible to sift out these reviews by carefully looking at verified user status and the nature of the complaint or appreciation. We took a good look at various aspects including the power of the impeller to carry the slurry/discharge over the claimed distance and height.

We looked at the power of the motor and the diameter of the pipe to understand if the claims are justified. The silence of the operation was another important consideration that we looked into.  The life and the maintenance of the system, and the ease with which replacements could be carried out in the future were part of the careful considerations that we weighed. All ratings are an aggregate of scoring metrics we rely on to assess and evaluate a product and its performance. This sum of metrics contributes to the overall ratings of the upflush toilet reviews.  The list of the best rated upflush toilet models that are certainly the very best available in the market and in addition to being popular choices, they have an unshakable reputation for quality.


The specifications listed out in our macerating toilet reviews are compiled with the utmost care.  Here, it is important to understand that there will be subtle changes in the requirements of users, as typically, no two basements will be the same.  There is bound to be changes in the layout of homes or structures, and this will necessitate a different kind of toilet system. Therefore, readers and potential users are advised to use this list as a reference to understand the

differences and advantages of particular models of toilets and choose as per their specific requirements. This is a well compiled exhaustive list of the best up flush toilets, with careful attention being given to the advantages and disadvantages of specific models. A quick read is all that is required to get a good idea of what is on offer, for a strong perspective to make an informed decision.

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