6 Decor Ideas That Make Small Bathrooms Feel Bigger [Infographic]

A small bathroom will always be small whatever you do. But there are tricks and ways to make a small bathroom feel and look bigger. These tips can help you get an instant big bathroom without actually consuming more space and major renovations.

Tips For Making Small Bathroom Bigger

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  • Serenity Colors Are Magical

Soft, pale colors are best colors to make illusion of a larger space. Avoid colors that are too strong and exciting. Choose naturals, white, and pastel tone backgrounds, these colors cannot only give an illusion of size but serenity and peace.

  • Light Up The Bathroom

Add light! This will not take up space, but can definitely open up the bathroom’s overall look.

  • Remove Large Vanity With A Pedestal Sink

Yes, vanity cabinet is a common choice for homeowners since it gives them extra storage under the sink, but unfortunately it takes too much floor space, hence making a small bathroom look smaller. Instead consider a pedestal or a sink that is mounted on walls, they are inexpensive yet can give you extra floor space.

Using this alternative can give you larger space to walk in your bathroom.

  • Remove Things Sticking Out

The smallest piece of accessory or furniture that are in your bathroom can make your room shrink. Remove hanging racks, decorative accessories, or wall shelves hanging on your bathroom walls. Yes, these storage spaces are needed, but if removing them will give you a feel of a larger bathroom then might as well think of other alternatives that can keep your supplies.

  • Reflect Spaces Using A Mirror

There is an old technique, yet still very effective. Hang a large mirror above your bathroom sink. The mirror can reflect all lights in the bathroom, and can pick up both the bathroom pattern and color.

  • Light Colored Flooring Is A Must

Same as with your walls, choose a light colored tile. A light colored floor can make space appear larger. If replacing floor is not an option as of yet, then make use of rugs that are light colored over the floor.

Making your bathroom look bigger does not require you to spend too much. The tips above are highly effective yet with very minimal cost.

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