Diseases you can get from toilet seat: Ways to avoid them

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Restrooms are a place where germs thrive. They can be a source of some serious infections and diseases. This applies to both public and private restrooms. Just because it is at home, your toilet seat won’t be free of germs. There will always be germs lurking and multiplying there.

You can make things less severe while at home. Regular cleaning and sanitation can make things a lot better. You can do this at your home. But, what is the situation when you use the restroom at work, hotel or a hospital. You can’t really count on the cleanliness level at these other facilities. You have the right to be paranoid, especially when you know that E. coli bacteria, flu virus and other invisible organisms are waiting for you on the toilet seat.

  • Toilet seats and E. coli infection

  1. coli bacteria come from human and animal intestines. They get out with feces. If you sit on a seat that contains residues or smudges of infected feces, you might be at risk of getting the infection. E. coli infection will cause disturbances in your stomach and the entire digestive system. You would suffer from diarrhea, tough nausea, fever and vomiting.

–  Streptococcus threat is waiting on the toilet seat

Streptococcus is known for short as strep. This bacterium can lead to scarlet fever or throat infections. It can also be responsible for pneumonia inflammation.  The bacteria lives primarily in human throat. Severe stages of streptococcus can develop into a vicious skin infection. It would lead to necrotizing fasciitis.  Such condition would lead to destructing the fasciae and tissue of your muscles.

Strep bacteria is hovering over toilet seat surfaces. However, getting an infection from this source is not very common. Keeping your immune system strong can help you avoid such infection.

–  Getting shigella from toilet seats

There are various similarities between E. coli and shigella bacteria. They both have similar symptoms and you can get any of them from the toilet seat. Shigella is a very common infection. In case the toilet seat is contaminated with infected feces, you would be at a high risk of infection. You might suffer from stomach cramps, explosive diarrhea and vomiting.

Can you get STI from a toilet seat?

People have the right to be afraid of sexually transmitted infections and bacteria. It is true that such viruses can be found on the toilet seat, but they don’t survive for long. The coldness of the seats surfaces will make the bacteria die in a very short time. So, you don’t have to worry about catching chlamydia or herpes from a toilet seat.

Ways to avoid infections from toilet seats

There are various useful ways to avoid catching any of these infections. For example, you can use toilet seat covers. These items can prevent direct contact between the seat surface and your skin. Washing your hands correctly is effective for protection. You need to use the soap on both hands and rub them all together for about 17 seconds. It is important to avoid touching the handle of a public toilet’s door. It is rich with endless germs. You can use a tissue for this.


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