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Dr. Squatch Soap: Why The Review Is Positive?

Dr Squatch Soap Review

The first thing that you’ll notice when you open a package of Dr. Squatch soaps is the amazing smell. Being a new company, the company has just come out with its first line of soaps.

Although the company claims that all the soaps are made from natural ingredients and have no dyes, perfumes, or other additives to give them their scent, it’s all-natural! But does it mean it is better than other soaps available out in the market?

With the intent of knowing the worth of money for you and the value of the good you are going to buy, I have written down a short Dr. squatch soap review describing all it’s pros and cons and should you believe it or not?

Learn More About Dr. Squatch First!

Dr. Squatch was established in 2013 by Jack Haldrup, the inventor of this soap made with all-natural ingredients and a relaxing scent that he wanted to buy for himself.

Today, we see a company that was built to succeed with Dollar Shave Club. They are flourishing and becoming more popular each day by making ads just like them. Their $10-12/month subscription plan is their first success story.

Dr Squatch Soap Review
Dr Squatch Soap Review

Background: Dr. Squatch soap is an online store selling soaps that claim to smell good enough

Today we will be reviewing Dr. Squatch Pine Tar Soap, a product that not only smells like homemade soap but is a staple for both men and women who have health concerns or want to stay hygienic!

Reasons To Believe Our Review:

Here are a few key points that you should know about our review.

This is not a paid or sponsored post. We don’t accept reviews of products on our site that have been taken from a paid source.

I bought the product for this article out of our pocket.

I work as an independently owned company and provide the highest quality products at affordable prices.

Final Thoughts On DR. Squatch:

Overall, I assumed that Dr. Squatch provided a good bar of soap. Suppose you currently use a typical or mass-produced bar of soap and search for another natural alternative. In that case, Dr. Squatch will provide a novel and better experience worth every penny.

The only drawback that men will have about this soap, it’ll be around value. Lasting about ten showers at the most, some men may find that it’s pretty expensive compared to other offerings currently available – especially people who shower daily.

Reasons To Buy:

All-natural products freed from harsh chemicals, preservatives, and skin irritants

All skin types utilize a range of soaps with unique scents

Squatch Quiz helps its customers to decide which soap type or scents the best suited for them.

Dr. Squatch offers a Sudisfaction (Satisfaction) Guarantee on all products

Free shipping for soap and hair care subscribers within the US, 15% discount for all subscribers sitewide

The company offers both Soaps and hair care products enjoyed by both men and ladies

Reasons to ignore:
Pricier than average products

A limited selection of beard oil, cologne, and candles

Dr. Squatch Detailed Review: An unboxing of Dr. Squatch

For this review, we decided to buy Dr. Squatch directly off their website. Therefore, must you arrange to order this through a particular online retailer (i.e., Amazon), the packaging is also a small amount different.

Given that this is often a $7 bar of soap and not a high-end product, the packaging is highly plain – just a padded envelope:

Dr Squatch Soap Review..
Dr Squatch Soap Review..

The soap bar is approximate 5oz (142g) in size. The eco-friendly packing of the product is quite simple yet gives you a beautiful unboxing experience.

If we talk about the ingredients, Dr. Squatch relies on an all-natural blend of ingredients that you can pronounce, which include the following:

Saponified Oils (Olive, Sustainable Palm, and Coconut)

Shea Butter


Pine Tar



Sea Salt

Activated Charcoal

Kaolin Clay

The soap tends to give a feel of being firm and fits pretty firmly in your hand and not too unwieldy:

Using Dr. Squatch

When you give Dr. Squatch a try, you’ll quickly realize that this is quite different from another standard bar of soap (i.e., Old Spice, Dove Men, etc.) that you simply are also using currently.

By their very nature, natural soaps are formulated without all the chemical-based ingredients found in mass-produced soaps.

Therefore, after you use Dr. Squatch, it’ll be a singular experience – to assist you in learning what you’ll be able to expect, I will be able to break this down into some different subsections:

Soap Texture

First and foremost, this soap won’t feel anything sort of a standard bar of soap.

As you’ll have caught within the product pics above, this can be an exfoliating bar. It further contains an aggressive grit (sand) throughout the bar.

Whether you’re rubbing this product on your stomach, arms, or legs, the soap’s grippy texture will offer you that tactile feedback that you’re removing both dirt and dirt from the surface of your skin.

Now, as long as this grit is aggressive, some men are also rightfully turned far from using this on delicate skin areas – notably the groin area.

However, after using this soap sometimes, you’ll get won’t to the grit within the bar.


When showering, many men like to see a pleasant sudsy lather when washing. It further provides the visual cue that the soap is functioning because it should. The lather provided by Dr. Squatch is sufficient.

Although the soap isn’t as bubbly as your standard bar of soap or body wash is required to be, here is what I experienced when simply washing my hands:

Soon, you’ll see the soap laters as good as, especially after you remember, that it’s extracted from all-natural occurring substances.

The Texture Of The Skin:

I noticed that using the soap and the feel of my skin when rinsing off has mainly made from a mix of oils and an exfoliating agent, and I expected my skin to be silky smooth to the touch.

Instead, upon rinsing, the feel of my skin was quite the other – relatively grippy. This grippy texture may well be one in every of two things:

Dr Squatch Soap Review...
Dr Squatch Soap Review…

From my understanding (disclosure: I’m not a chemist), the fats from the soap may are interacting with the natural minerals within the water (magnesium, calcium, etc.) And resulted in soap scum (source).

What does make me take a disruption on this theory, though, is that I board NYC, where the water is very soft. Supported other areas of the country where I lived with much harder water, it makes me wonder if this grippy texture can be a by-product of 1 of the first ingredients within the soap – particularly the wood tar.

If you’ve ever watched baseball, wood tar is the sticky substance that players use to urge a more robust grip on the bat. The concentration of this ingredient within the bar of soap may be a bit higher, providing it was a wood tar scent, and the smell provided by the soap has a unique texture.

The Rinse And The Color Of The Soaps:

Some particular soap is darker in color when rinsing off; you will notice that the water is some shades darker due to the soap.

While this isn’t necessarily a simple or bad thing – it’s different compared to the standard white lather you may see when rinsing with a typical bar of soap.

Therefore, we just wanted to notice this for those men trying a natural soap for the first time.

Scent Strength

From the onset, when it involves scent, Dr. Squatch’s soap smells quite potent (and rather promising).

However, the scent is highly subjective, and certain smells may fit better for one man’s style over another.

However, I believed this bar smelled excellent.

You can expect the scent of the soap to dissipate swiftly within some hours of use. While buying a bar of soap from Dr. Squatch, I might recommend that if you wear aromas or cologne daily, then you must find a bar that matches these fragrances.

here, is a list of scent profile are harmonious instead of offering up contrasting scents:

· Pine Tar

· Nautical Sage

· Cedar Citrus

· Cool Fresh Aloe

· Deep Sea Goats Milk

· Grapefruit IPA

· Cold Brew Cleanse

· Bay Rum

· Spearmint Basil

· Eucalyptus Yogurt

· Gold Moss

What If I Don’t Like The Results After Using The Soap?

One really strong point for Dr. Squatch was their no-nonsense “satisfaction guarantee.”

If you’re unhappy with your dr squatch soap purchase within thirty days of the purchase, it’s a full refund.

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