Dual Shower heads: Luxury you should not miss

dual shower head

Before you decide to place your cash in a shower that has dual heads, it is necessary that you get to know several things which constitute a dual shower head. Just as the name suggests, it is a shower that has two heads with each shower head having an independent water flow. This denotes that, the water that is going to flow will be more than the 2.5gpm which is normally the average from any given shower. The dual shower heads are designed to deliver a luxury that you should not miss during your showering activity.

Benefits of dual shower heads


  • The Increased flow of water: When you have a dual shower head, you will be able to enjoy double the amount of water flow as compared to a single showerhead. According to EPA, the average water flow is normally 2.5 gallons per minute. Due to the fact that there is increased pressure offered by the two shower heads, it is a great option if you are the type who shower quickly very early in the morning.
  • Your showering experience is spiced up: A dual shower head is a great option as couples to be able to shower together. You will be able to spend more romantic time with your spouse and enjoy intimate time at any time of the day or night in the shower. It is also a practical way for two people to be able to shower at the same time and thus, spend less water and time. You will be able to enjoy enough water flow due to the fact that, each shower head has a water pressure which is independent. In that way, you don’t have to struggle to be under the water stream.
  • More coverage and less showering time: When you invest in a shower that has dual heads, you will be able to decrease the shower time. There is more water flow as compared to the standard showerhead. This means that, if you do the showering together with your partner, there will be no need to wait for one another to finish before the other one enters the shower as you will be able to shower together. You will be in a position to enjoy more cleaning and enough coverage with a dual unit due to the fact that, there will be enough water which is streaming from the two showerheads. In that way, you will be able to ensure that, you get cleaned faster.

  • Flexibility: You will get more versatility with dual shower heads as compared to a single one. There are a variety of dual shower heads in the market in different sizes and shapes. You will have the opportunity to be able to pick from one that is standard fixed to the dual or combo fixed unit and one handheld showerhead. The various showerheads offer various settings and spray patterns which you will be able to choose from. This means that dual shower heads bring with them a lot of flexibility solutions when it comes to showering.

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