Some Really Easy Ways To Unclog Drains And Get Rid Of Clogging [Infographic]

We face many problems in our daily life and clogging of drains is one such problem we all must have faced at least once in our life. It is really hectic to clean the drain and we even spend bucks to get them clean by taking additional help. But now cleaning drains is not that difficult and can be done by following some simple tricks. The tricks are-

Easy Ways To Unclog Drains

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  • The first way to unclog a drain is by using a bent wire hanger. Many times our drains get clogged by long hairs that get stuck in the drain and resist water flow. Take a wire hanger and open it up and bent it from one side making it like a fishing rod. And insert this into the drain as deep as possible and this would take out hairs and other junk from the drain. Run hot water afterward.
  • Secondly, you can use baking soda and salt. Take half cup of baking soda and a half cup of salt and pour this mixture into the drain and leave for 20 minutes and run hot water after that. The drain will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • You can even make a manual plumber snake by which your drain would be cleaned. You can even buy a metallic drain snake for cleaning the drain. This method is really effective for cleaning drains.
  • A dish detergent mixture would also help in the same way. You just need to mix dish detergent taking 1/4th of dish detergent and mix it with hot boiling water. This greasy mixture effectively cleans drains.
  • You can even use baking soda, vinegar and some gravity and suction pressure would do the needful. Mix the mentioned ingredients and pour in the drain and leave for an hour. Apply a pressure of 40-60 gallons that would be enough to unclog the drain.

These were some really effective and tested tips that you can use in your bathroom and kitchen drains and everywhere you face clogging problem.

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