Have You Considered Installing An Up Flush Toilet In Your Basement?

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Basements are very common these days, they do not only add strength to the house but also add space to the overall home. Some people use basements for fun purposes only like making a theatre or a sports hall. If you are living in the basement you would definitely need a washroom there but making a washroom in the basement is not that simple as it is to construct it on the ground floor or any of the floors above ground. The reason behind this fact is that drainage has to be pushed upwards, there are special motors for this purpose and the toilet is also not that normal. You need to find an expert plumber to carry out this project. This project is needed to be done in few steps otherwise you would end up messing everything around.

Find the water supply:

While constructing home, some people do not make any water connection in the basement. This is for two reasons. First is to save some money and second they want to keep the basement clean of water because there is no drainage mechanism installed. In order to deal with this situation, you would have to locate the nearest water supply for your upcoming project. If you have a water supply in the basement, then there is nothing better than that! You would have to decide whether you are going to make a toilet only washroom or a proper bathing area as well. The answer to this question would tell you if you need to consider the supply of hot water or not. Most people construct just the toilet room and not a complete bath room in the basements.

Get the drainage done:

This would be the most crucial step of all. This is the thing that is different from other floors. You would have to find the shortest possible route to drainage pipes to avoid excessive energy wastage in running the motors. After getting done with the drainage pipes underground you would have to place the up flush toilet. There are many varieties of toilets in this regard. You would have to select the pumping unit very carefully because this would up to your requirements that how big and how many pumping outlets you want. Connect the pumping outlet to the main drainage line carefully.

Electric supply to the pump:

This is also to be done by an expert because electric wiring of this pump is a little different. Make sure that nothing is left behind and a proper electric supply is done. If you plan to place a washing machine in your washroom as well, then the pump size would vary. There are certain cautions that you need to take while performing tasks in this project.


Use gloves throughout the process

While making water supply connections, turn off the water supply

Drainage flow should be stopper when pump is to be attached to the main drainage line

During electric work, all electric connections must be cut off

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