10 Health Benefits Of Cashew [ Infographic]

Though not many people would be aware, the fact of the matter is that there are some amazing benefits as far as cashew nuts are concerned. We will try and have a look at 10 obvious health benefits associated with cashew nuts. We hope it will help customers know the products better.

Health Benefits Of Cashew

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  • Prevents Cancer

Cashew nuts have a very important source of flavonols by the name Proanthocyanidins which has cancer tumor cell fighting capabilities. It helps to prevent cancer cells by dividing and growing further. It also is a rich source of copper which has anti-cancer properties.

  • Keeps Heart Healthy

Cashew nuts are known to have a high content of good fatty acids which helps to ward away the threat caused by unhealthy fatty acids.

  • Keeps Blood Pressure Under Check

Cashew nuts contain rich quantities of magnesium which could be extremely helpful in maintain the right diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

  • Helps Hair Growth

Since cashew nuts contain generous quantities of copper it could be useful for preventing excess hair fall and also helping in better nutrition for the hair follicles.

  • Bone Health

A combination of calcium and magnesium has been considered to be useful for better calcium absorption and deposit in the bones. Cashew nuts can help in improving bone health.

  • Better Nerve Health

The presence of magnesium in cashew nuts helps to prevent excess accumulation of calcium in the blood cells and blood stream. This in turn could be extremely helpful in improving nerve health.

  • Prevention Of Gallstones

Research has proven that regular consumption of cashew nuts could reduce the incidence of gallstone formation by as much as 25%. Therefore it could be a good preventive method to avoid gallbladder surgery.

  • Better Management Of Obesity

Even though cashew nuts are rich in fats, most of the fatty substances are good in nature and therefore could help manage obesity and overweight problems. Twice a week consumption of regulated quantities of cashew nuts might help in efficient weight management. This is perhaps because cashew nuts may help in improving the metabolism of our body.

  • Rich In Antioxidant Properties

Regulated consumption of cashew nuts could be helpful in enhancing the immune properties of the body. This is because cashew nuts contain rich quantities of copper, magnesium, selenium and various other important vitamins and minerals. Those who are on a regular diet of cashew nuts will be in a much better position to fight against various diseases.

  • Helps Digestion

Cashew nuts apart from being a rich source of fiber also are known to be useful in aiding digestion because of some useful digestive enzymes. However care must be taken to consume only the required quantities of cashew nuts because over eating could lead to bloating and other such problems.

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