How To Remove Bathroom Sink Stopper - Updated 2020

One of the usual culprits of sink clogging is the stopper. The good news is, this job is not only for professional plumbers as it is very easy to accomplish. Do not immediately call for help when your sink clogs, try unclogging it yourself by how to remove bathroom sink stopper.

Do not get deceived, as not all clean sink is working fine and will not have troubles. Long hair, scum and other residue may clog your drain, hence you have to be wary of not just with what you see but what is behind.

how to remove bathroom sink stopper

What You Need To Check Before Starting The Activity

Do not get too excited and take action immediately, below are some things you need to check before fixing your clogged sink:

l Know the design of your bathroom sink

Not all sinks are created equal, make sure that you know the design of your sink before dismantling any of its parts.

Some will immediately run through video tutorials and follow what they watched, unfortunately, if you are copying steps from a different bathroom sink type, you might end up with more issues requiring you to call a plumber.

Most stoppers are made of metal rod and are operated by pushing and pulling it. You may also want to consider the overall lifetime of the stopper, as the older it gets, the harder it is to be maintained.

l Make sure that all tools you need are available

Most of the households have a set of basic tools, comprising of a screwdriver, slip point pliers, adjustable wrench, etc. If you do not have this yet, you can go to a hardware and buy one. Anyway, basic tool kit is very important not only for clogged sink but other problems too.

Step By Step Guide To Follow In Removing Bathroom Sink Stopper

Do not fear as removing sink stopper is easier than how you think it is:

1. Remove Everything Under The Sink

You may have used the sink cabinet to store your bathroom and kitchen cleaning tools, plastics, etc. Before you even start pulling, pushing or removing any of the sink part, remove everything under it and give yourself enough clearance to move freely.

how to remove sink drain

how to remove bathroom sink drain

2. Light The Bottom Of Your Sink

The bottom area of the sink can be a bit dark, so to make sure that you are working with enough light, position a flashlight in the corner area of the cabinet lighting the bottom of the sink. Find the plunger rod approaching from the back of your sink’s faucet.

3. Find The Clip

Find the clip where the plunger rod slips to hold other rod that is leading to the stopper of the sink. The rod gets in the drainpipe straight under the drain of the sink and located before the sink’s “P” trap.

how to remove a bathroom sink

how to remove pop up sink plug

4. Find The Location Of Drainpipe

Find where the nut of your drainpipe is located, sometimes it can be removed by hands, if not a pliers can do the job. Check on the clip and compress both ends together. This step can let you push your plunger rod outside, and finally free up the rod that is connected to the stopper.

5. Wash The Sink Stopper

Now that you have the sink stopper, you can start cleaning it. Washing the sink stopper can be done easily too. Wear hand gloves as this can be the most gross part of this activity. Remove all the debris stuck on the sink stopper, you can use a toothbrush, to scrub them away.

Apart from the sink stopper, you may also want to clean your sink. Using a solution available in the market, pour it in the sink to flush away all grease, hair, and other foreign objects. Use solution as suggested by the manufacturer.

how to remove drain stopper from bathroom sink

Removing the sink stopper can be done very easily. It is easy compared to other plumbing activities, hence everyone is encouraged to do this on their own. Waiting for your sink to clog is not necessary, as removing the sink stopper and cleaning before an issue arises can save you from an unexpected problem and hassle.

It can be easy but if you are not confident about doing so, hire a professional plumber instead.