Is it necessary to find the American standard toilet model?

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Do you think it is important to find the model number of your toilet? Well, yes. In many cases when you are stuck with your toilet and a repairing task is due, you do not know the exact model number and things get complicated. Sometimes you spend and waste your money when you buy a wrong fitting for your previously installed toilet because you did not know the model number. In order to get things done in a perfect manner, you should know the details of your toilet so you may save your money and headache in repairing the toilet. This article would help you find the model details of your toilet which you can use for further assistance in future. Even if your toilet does not require any repair, you should find the details of the toilet and write them at a safe place.

If you are going to find the model number, you need to make sure that your toilet fits in the criteria of American standard toilet. There are a number of toilets in market but only certain toilets can be labeled as American standard. There are some selection criteria for this purpose. The following points would broaden your understanding about the American standard toilets. There are four perspectives in which you need to assess your toilet:

  • Design
  • Design of globe
  • Coating of the toilet
  • Size of the discharge

Get the manufacturers details:

In order to get the model number, first you have to get the name and details of the manufacturer. The details of manufacturer can be written, printed or placed at different places of the toilet seat. We will start from the easy ones so you might not end up wasting your time. First of all, close the lid and remove the top of water tank. See inside the cap of tank. This is the first place to look into the phone number or other details of the manufacturer. If you find the details there, it is good to go otherwise follow the further steps.

If you are unable to find the details on the cap of tank, you need to look into the tank itself. For this purpose you would need a flash light. Ideally, the name and details should be printed above the water line but some manufactures do not bother that and write or imprint the details under water line as well. Take a clean piece of cloth and rub the surroundings of water tank and try to find the details. Another place where these details can be present is the area near the bolts of lid cover. If you are still unable to find the details, you would have to remove the lid.

Finding the American Model in the catalog:

Once you are done with finding the details, you can look for the model number in the manufacturer’s catalog. All your required details would be mentioned in the catalog. To understand the American model numbers in more detail check it out pricing and review here.

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