4 Tips to Get Your Kitchen Lighting Right [Infographic]

One of the least priorities people consider in their kitchen is lighting. But actually, if you will come to think of it, it should be one of the most critical and important. Proper lighting on kitchen can let people do everything they need to do in the kitchen, cooking and eating to name two of the most usual things people do in their kitchen. Without the right amount of light, burning food is possible.

Lighting Tips For Kitchen

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Lighting Tips Best For Kitchen

To help you lit your kitchen well, below are few tips best to consider:

  • Avoid Glaring Mistakes

One of the things people push to do is let one light in the middle of the ceiling lit the entire kitchen. This will never work, considering that one bulb is not enough to light all areas and corners on the kitchen well. Install pin lights instead on areas where you need to get sufficient light.

  • Consider Layered Look

Remember, that different areas in the kitchen require different level of light. Hence light the area appropriate to what the space requires, like on the area of the kitchen where you chop onions, prepare ingredients and cook food, it should be very well lighted.

  • Light Adjustment

To any rooms, not just for kitchens, being able to adjust the level of the light is ideal. When cleaning or cooking bright light is required, and when conversing over a sumptuous meal dimming the light is best. Ensure that the design of the lighting has separate dimmers for each lighting types: ambient, accent, task and decorative lighting.

  • Hire A Lighting Designer

You cannot do everything yourself for your kitchen lighting. Instead of trying to work on it yourself, which may not be satisfactory, hire a specialist who can help you do lighting in your kitchen properly. If you do not have money to hire a lighting designer, you can take advantage on information you can read online, posted and reviewed by well known lighting designers.

Kitchen lighting is definitely important to consider, may it be planning a major kitchen renovation or just simple kitchen improvement. Needless to say, you have to make sure that you do it right or else you may end up with a low functional kitchen.

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