Quick way to swap your soft toilet seat

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When we buy or construct our home, we get everything new but with the passage of time somethings are meant to be replaced. Some things get broken and some become useless as they complete their useful life. From plumbing to electric fittings, there are a lot of things that a person can do on his own to save some buck that can be used for a better purpose. Replacing a soft toilet seat is one of these issues. It is a simple task and you need not to call a plumber for this activity. This article would help those people who have never replaced a toilet seat. We will describe a step wise guide on how to remove the old seat to change it with the new one.

Will it require a set of tools?

The answer is a simple yes. But it does not mean that you need to buy a lot of tools. Most of these tools are present in the home already. You need only to gather those tools from different areas of home. Some might be present in your backyard and some in the store! The list of stores and spares is as follows:

  • A screw driver
  • Measuring tape
  • Pliers
  • Gloves
  • A new toilet seat!

Whenever you work with water, it is highly recommended to wear gloves. The first step to get the task done is buying a new seat cover for your toilet. It could be a little tricky because correct measurement is very essential in this regard. Once you have correct measurements with the measuring tape, you can get the seat of your own choice. It is very crucial to get the perfect size otherwise you might end up wasting all your money you spent on procuring the soft toilet seat.

Remove the old toilet seat safely:

From safely, we mean that the old seat should be removed carefully so it does not damage the toilet itself. Usually the toilet seats are attached to toilets with bolts. In order to look clean these bolts are covered with plastic coverings. Firstly, you need to remove these plastic coverings and this is the thing you need to do with most care. Because applying force with a flat head screw driver on an old toilet seat may damage the toilet. Try not to touch the toilet with screw driver. After you are done removing the caps, open up the bolts and pull the seat out.

Fit the newly brought toilet seat:

This is the final step of the whole process. Your new seat would have come with extra fittings. Use them to fit the seat onto the toilet. Initially do not tighten the bolts with full force because a little adjustment might be required after you fit. First check if all is fine, then tighten the bolts to fix the seat in the desired position. You would require pliers to tighten the bolts. Here you go! Your toilet seat is perfectly installed. If you are interested to read further, check it out pricing and reviews here.

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