Should You Be Worried About The Toilet Height?

Toilet Height

There is a lot of confusion about the toilet height. Many people are not aware of the proper height and they buy the product without putting any consideration to this matter. There could be a number of reasons why are you looking for a proper toilet height. You may have an elderly person in your home and that person is not able to properly use the low mounted toilet seat. For elderly people, it is more convenient to use a heighted toilet seat due to less mobility issues. There are proper regulations about this matter and as per ADA guidelines a toilet seat should be not less than 17 inches and not more than 19 inches with few exceptions. The height of the toilet is not a feature, it is just the size and its requirement may vary from person to person. The height with which you are comfortable is the height for you and that might not be suitable for other people.

Bowl height and toilet seat height:

There is a difference between bowl height and the toilet seat height. Without the toilet seat, your toilet may be lengthen at 17 inches but with the toilet seat it might be 18 inches. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that if you want to use a 17 inch high toilet, you would have to buy a bowl height of 16 inches. But the truth is that no company manufactures a toilet that is 17 inches or more in height. The reason is very simple, they are not going to put their company at risk by manufacturing products that is not in demand. For people, who are in need of a taller bowl height, there are extenders available which can solve the problem to some extent. But there are certain problems attached to those extenders which would be discussed in coming paragraphs.

There are some problems associated with the height extenders, enlisted below:

  • These are not germ-free
  • They don’t look that pleasant
  • Not convenient for use by everybody at home
  • They move!

These height extenders are never too hygienic. As we see the height of the seat is increased from 2 to 4 inches. This means that the use of toilet would put some splash on this seat as well which will not be flushed with a regular flushing of water. Further, they do not look quite good! This is obviously an additional thing and that is how an additional thing looks. You would feel a significant decrease in the beauty of your bathroom.

These height extenders are normally installed for elderly people at home. We do not have more than one or two elder persons. Rest of the inhabitants would suffer. The perfect solution to this problem is to install height extender in only one of the washrooms. In this why both your problems would be solved. Another disadvantage that comes with the height extenders is that they move. They are not fixed like the toilet seat and it becomes a little tricky to use them. In order to further check the issue in detail, you can check it out pricing and reviews here.

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