The understanding of Toto washlet


There are a number of ways people use toilet. There are numerous versions of toilets and from country to country this variation exists. In eastern countries, people use an Indian flush which is not more than a hole in the ground and the drainage is passed through the pipes. In Europe, people are more used to using a bidet. We all know how bidet works, it showers a stream of water after one is dome with using the toilet to wash the body. However, in America no bidet is used and a regular flush mechanism is used.

As there are a lot of travelers between USA and Europe and this problem was faced by many people. Japan has thus introduced a latest technology which can be placed on a regular American toilet seat to make it more like a bidet toilet, named as Toto washlet. There are different types of water jets installed in that Toto wash let which depends on the price of the equipment.

Toto washlet comes with abundant features:

This is not the only purpose of a Toto wash let. There are a lot of other things that make it different from old technologies. One basic model comes with two jets that would put water but the advanced and latest models also include auto flush option, air purifying mechanism and a warm air throw to dry the washed area. These wash lets can be customized to meet the ultimate needs of a picky consumer. So if you are comfortable to use the European style toilets but you need to make adjustments to the American toilet seats, this invention is going to work best for you.

Requirements for installation:

If you are planning to mount one Toto washlet in your home toilet then you need to consider a few things otherwise you might waste your money in buying the wash let. Your toilet should have appropriate space between the lid nuts and the front of tank to adjust the Toto apparatus. Further, you would need an electric supply to let Toto work properly. This should not be far away from the toilet seats. In most washrooms there is no electric supply near the toilet seat, so you might have to install one. If you are interested to get details about the pricing and details of the Toto equipment, you can check it out pricing and reviews here.

Benefits of using a Toto washlet:

There are a number of advantages that come up with the use of this technology. As we all are aware that a lot of tissue rolls are being used on a massive scale throughout the year just to clean after using toilet! This is insane, we should reduce the usage of tissue paper because it is unhealthy for the planet Earth. This Toto washlet is a solution to this problem. Using tissue paper also causes germs to spread and again this technology would help combat the issue.

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