6 Proven Ideas For Small Laundry Room [Inforgraphic]

Having a small laundry area is just usual since homeowners invest more spaces for kitchen, receiving area and bedrooms. But, a small laundry area can be utilized very well as long as you know helpful techniques that can let you maximize the small space to your advantage.

Small Laundry Room, No Problem

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  • Make Use Of Wall Storage For Different Laundry Supplies

Using every space available in the laundry room is a must, including walls. Hang racks on walls and keep your detergent, laundry brush or dryer sheets on it. This will not only make your laundry room with enough spaces but keep it organized as well.

You may also install hooks for hanging small items, including lingerie, to dry.

  • Hang Drying Rack On The Ceiling

After you utilized the walls, it is time to look up in the ceiling. You may not have thought, but your ceiling can be a good area where you can install a drying rack. The drying rack can hold good number of clothes you washed using your hand.

  • Install Shelves In Corners That Are Not Being Used

The good news is, there are a lot of corner shelves you can purchase. They are available on different retail and online shops. You can also customize it according to your needs and to ensure that it will fit perfectly on the corners of your laundry room.

  • Organize Laundry Supplies On Storage Containers And Baskets

On shelves installed on your laundry room, store laundry supplies in containers or jars. This can keep all your laundry material needs organized when not in use.

  • Separate Your Space

If there is no door in your laundry room to separate spaces, using a curtain and curtain rod is enough. Although curtains cannot control noise, it is still beneficial to keep washers and dryers out of sight.

Tip: Tension rod is highly recommended for a laundry room that is not too spacious.

  • Create A Station For Folding

Even how small your laundry room is, spare some space for folding. Mount a piece of counter on the wall and just pull it down when you need it.

The tips above can make your laundry room spacious and highly functional. Small laundry room? Not an issue at all.

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