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Why Does My Toilet Randomly Run For A Few Seconds? - Updated 2020

A constantly running toilet can really be both annoying and disturbing. Apart from this, it slowly but surely wastes a large amount of water. This can be a serious cause for worry as it can add up to your bills.

why does my toilet randomly run for a few seconds

Possible Causes For The Random Running Of Water In Your Toilet

  • It might have something to do with the flapper. Issues around the flapper are one of the most common problems modern toilets have. Whenever you flush a toilet, this flapper present in it gets moved up, making it possible for the water to move from the toilet tank to its bowl. When this has taken place, the flapper goes back to its position, where it closes up the toilet tank. Because of the sensitive function of the flapper in sealing up the water in the toilet tank, it will not work well if it has debris clustered in it. It will also not work well if it has become slack or weak.

  • Another reason could be the fill valve. Some of the possible issues you could have with the fill valve are leakages or having debris all clustered up in the fill valve.

  • The toilet handle could be the problem. If the handle of the toilet is faulty, it could allow in more water into the tank.

  • Your toilet could also be running if the water level in the tank is not enough or if the water is too much.

  • The flapper chain could be the cause. If the flapper chain is too long or too short, probably as a result of manufacturing error or error during replacement of the chain, water will definitely run. The chain is joined to the flapper so that the flapper is able to be lifted up and down when it covers up the tank hole.

  • The float ball may no longer be floating! One very possible reason for this would be that the ball is leaking.

toilet runs every few minutes

What To Do To Solve The Problem Of A Randomly Running Toilet.

There are varied solutions to the problem of a toilet that runs randomly depending on what the problem is. However, the first thing is to know what exactly is the cause of the problem! So then, how do you know? Do these (and I tell you, it’s not a big deal):

  • Gently, uncover the lid. (Please be careful with the lid, it can break if dropped carelessly).

  • Study the simple connections. While doing this, you might notice something that is not quite right. (You might want to check up diagrams or videos on the different parts I’ve mentioned — flapper, file valve, flapper chain, et cetera).

toilet running randomly

The following is a list of solutions peculiar to a particular problem. (And bear it in mind that it's not a big deal fixing some of these problems).

  • If the problem is that the flapper has become weak or fragile, then it needs to be replaced. However, be sure to get the flapper that is the right design for your toilet.

  • If the problem is as a result of debris clustered up in the flapper, then just wash it off.

  • Having a leaking fill valve, replace it. If the problem is trash inside it, wash it off. Sometimes, a washing off of the dirt in either the flapper or valve is all your toilet needs to get back functioning properly and well.

  • If the problem is with the float ball (this is the big round rubber or metal ball that floats on the water within the toilet tank), replace it. Going by its name, it’s supposed to float. If the ball is not floating on top of the water in the tank, then it must be leaking.

  • If the chain is too short, make it longer. If it is too tight, the flapper may not be covering up completely the hole at the bottom of the toilet tank. So, remove the hook of the chain from the handle and hook it back on to one of the next higher connections.

Can A Randomly Running Toilet Increase Water Bill?

The answer is YES! The more water runs by the hour, the more it is wasted and when there’s need for water again, that means additional cost, and the cost can become high as this happens on a daily basis.