Water Saving Shower Heads: The Need of the Hour

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Showers are something we do at least a couple of times per day. You need a shower to start a day or before you end it. Even in the middle of the day, a shower can help you freshen up. Such routine makes showering a big source of consuming water. In the recent years, water conserving has become an important issue. This called for replacing traditional shower heads with water saving ones.

  • The concept of water saving shower heads   

Using a water saving shower head doesn’t mean a less enjoyable shower. Simply, these heads are made to save water consumption without affecting the quality of the shower. These shower head have specific technology that limits the stream of water. There are advanced types that can cut half of the water flow without affecting the shower’s overall quality.

Early models of water saving shower heads were not as efficient. Nowadays, modern types can perform perfectly with no impact on the way you enjoy your favourite routine.

  • Why is it important to pick a water saving shower head?

There are environmental and economic reasons that make water saving shower heads absolutely important. Using such items can lead to saving hundreds and even thousands of gallons of water annually. There are many reports indicating that routine showers can consume up to 30% of the household water. This can lead to increasing your water and utility bills.

A water saving shower head can give you this reduction in consumption and costs. It will also allow you to conserve an important natural resource. All this and more can happen due to the modern technology of these shower heads.

In the past, traditional shower heads produced up to 8 gallons per minute. So, if your shower takes 10 minutes, you will be wasting an average of 80 gallons. Such waste is definitely inconvenient and will happen every time you go for a shower. Advanced water saving shower heads can produce about 2 gallons in a minute. You can count on this technology in saving costs of water in a month.

  • Pros of water saving shower heads

Switching to water saving shower heads can give you a lot of perks. These advanced models are absolutely convenient for your shower needs. They are also easy to install. You can easily mount them on the wall using tools in your household. You will appreciate the easiness of this DIY task. It will take less than an hour of your time.

Saving water used in showers will positively affect your utility bills each month. It is not just about water costs. You will save energy too. For example, you don’t have to heat a lot of water for a warm shower in winter. Heating water is definitely consuming a lot of water and energy. Reducing the amount of water to be heated will typically affect the needed amount of energy to heat it.

A water saving shower head will let you do the environment a favor. You will reduce the waste of an important and a vital natural resource. Also decreasing the amounts of hot water you use will subsequently reduce the levels of carbon emitted to the environment.

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